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Refuelling on the Mountain

You’re half way through your mammoth trail and despite the sense of achievement you’ve accomplished from nailing that last berm or flip, you are losing energy and can sense the need to refuel. You don’t want something heavy that’s going to repeat itself half way down the bumpiest track imaginable! However you need something that is going to give you that boost that will see you through to the end.

The sales of energy bars has sky rocketed in the past ten years. There are the natural ones, fibre fuelled ones, those that are laced with caffeine and then there’s the addition of guarana; that mystical natural energy fuel that is perfectly legal but will apparently give you the high you need to get you through.

Then there’s the cost. This can range from a mere 79p right up to a whopping £4 or £5! So which one should you go with?

Here is a simple breakdown to help you choose the right bar for the right situation:


You need energy therefore you are looking for calories from proteins rather than carbs and saturated fat. ‘Good’ fat that can be found in nuts and dried fruit is the best, it will replenish all those lost calories you’ve expelled from the last mile or two. (!)


For the alert, sharp and focussed sensation you need a stimulant, and caffeine or guarana are the two most commonly found. These can wear off and leave you on a ‘come down’ but this can happen with large quantities of sugar as well. That is why it’s important to monitor when you take them to avoid a mid-trail crash.


For a generally more natural boost try wholegrain crackers, bagels or muffins, all offering a healthy dose of natural B-Complex Vitamins essential for energy...and for metabolising carbohydrates, fat and protein. Tastier if prepared beforehand by adding a helping of peanut butter or a handful of raisins (or other dried fruit).


Be wary of those with excessive fibre in them. This can lead to the very unwelcomed bloated feeling and possibly more….!