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There's an app for everything these days and, given how much us skiers love a gadget or two, it's not surprising that there is a steady stream of snow sports related apps coming onto the market. We've summarised our top five here.

      1. Ski Fit: FREE

This is a fantastic app to download now in preparation for the ski season ahead. It's an 8 week video-based training programme for all levels of skier. Developed and tested in Chamonix by clinical specialists, La Clinique du Sport, the Ski Fit programme provides four, guided, one hour workouts made up of over 100 ski-specific exercises. The programme can be done from the comfort of your living room or in the gym and promises to concentrate and hone your core, balance and coordination. This app will improve your skiing performance, protect you from injury, help you to develop the correct movement patterns, and give you strength and endurance.

2. Snow Forecast: FREE 3.5/5 stars

The number one website for snow forecasts has an associated app that lists 2900 resorts around the world. The app will locate the nearest ski resorts to your current position, so it’s easy to find the resort you are staying in. Build up a favourites list throughout the season to keep an eye on your most visited places or somewhere you are soon to visit. A recent addition is ‘Snowfinder’ which will tell you where to find the nearest best snow conditions. Weather maps will also give you detail on snow accumulations, cloud, wind and temperature.

3. Ski Tracks: 79p 5/5 stars

This was voted the best winter sports app in 2013 and is still the most downloaded ski tracking application on the iPhone. Just press start, put your phone in your pocket and let your GPS track you around the mountain and up and down the ski lifts. It is designed to last up to 12 hours, and stops tracking if your battery goes below a certain level. You don’t need data or phone signal so you won’t be using up your holiday data allowance or running up a huge phone bill. Upload your stats onto your profile at the end of the day and see your run-by-run analysis including speed, slope angle and a map of your route throughout the day.

SkiTracks App

4. Fatmap Ski: FREE 5/5 stars

Launched in 2015, 'Fatmap' is a fascinating way to plan, record and share your ski adventures. With the most detailed 3D ski maps ever made available on an app, it makes a welcome change from trying to find your way on a dog-eared piste map and has often been compared to skiing virtual reality! Get a feel for the gradient, the length and the width of a slope before you take it on. A great feature is downloading your chosen resort whilst on free home WiFi and then using the app during the day completely offline. More European resorts are being added all the time and we enjoyed just having a play from the comfort of our sofa in the UK!

5. Find My Friends: FREE

We've all been there, happily skiing and snowboarding as a group for a glorious morning. And then one person merrily hurtles off into the distance, nowhere to be seen and oblivious to which direction the group are going in. 'Find My Friends' is a useful tool to keep track of your friends and family. Just install the app and invite your friends to share their location with you. As soon as your friend accepts the invitation you can start following their location immediately. If at any time you don’t want to be followed (perhaps you’ve made a covert pit stop for a beer or hot chocolate!) your location can be turned off with a single switch. You can also set up location alerts which will notify you when a friend or family member arrives at a certain destination.

Find my Friends App